Timelapse videos of the milkyway

Fascinating milkyway

On this website I want to give you the opportunity to participate in the fascination of our milkyway and starry skies.

You will find astrophotography pictures and of course timelapse videos of the milkyway.

Experience the magic when the milkyway bends down to our earth in a complete night.

I cordially invite you rummaging my website and I hope, that you like my captures!

Lonely Tree Gran Telescopio Canarias Welzheim Observatory Der Mond Roque de los Muchachos The milkyway

Timelapse videos of the milkyway and starry skies

Timelapse videos of the milkyway is main part of the website: You will find fascinating timelapse movies of the milkyway and starry skies there. The capturing of the videos took many hours, in which every few seconds a new pictures has been captured. Thanks to earth's rotation it seems as if the sky would rotate and our milkyway would bend over us. If you watch my videos, you can experience this fascination topic of astronomy on your own in just a few seconds.

Astrophotography pictures

Astrophotography pictures is the part of the website where you will find photos of the milkyway and of starry skies. There are also spectacular sunrise and sundawn photos, startrails, and even photos taken with a telescope.

Astronomy Tutorials & How-Tos

Learn, how to take pictures like the ones on this website. You will find explanations and tutorials to timelapse photography, startrails, capturing the milkyway and starry skies.

Milkyway Photographer: Pascal Christian

Here you will get to know who is making the photos and the timelapse videos: Pascal Christian introduces himself and his equipment.

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12/11/2011 - Black Desert of Egypt

Finally I finished the timelapse video from the Black Desert in Egypt. Have fun!

07/10/2011 - Tutorial: DIY Dolly

I started writing in my DIY Camera Dolly. Have fun! Read it here!

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