Timelapse video of the milkyway - Welzheim Observatory


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The video shows the milkyway in Germany. In front of the Welzheim Observatory light pollution is not so high, so that you can see the milkyway even in Germany.


This timelapse video shows the milkyway and the stars in the sky in front of the Welzheim Observatory. In spite of light pollution being quite high in Germany you can see an uncountable number of stars and even the milkyway. In the area of the left upper corner there is Polaris, the star around which every other star is rotating. If you look closely you even can see the Andomeda Galaxy (M31). There are some planes which cross the sky and so create interessting effects. Maybe you think you would see some falling stars, but most of them are planes that are far away.

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Place of capture: Welzheim Observatory (48°52'18.70°N, 9°35'39.60°E)
Point of the compass: North/East
Date of capture: 05/22/2009
Capture length and time: 12:00 hours, 07:30pm-07:30am
Number of pictures taken: 1216

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