Timelapse video of the milkyway - Uluru (Ayers Rock)


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The moon and the milky way share the night sky above the Uluru (Ayers Rock). But soon the moon sets and so arouses the fascinating colors of the milky way. The Magellanic Clouds slowly rise later.


The starry sky above the Ayers Rock (Uluru) in Australia is one of the most impressing skies in the world. The reason for this is, that in the australian outback there is no artifical light that could interfere with the dark night sky. In addition the southern hemisphere offers some spectacular sky objects, such as the magellanic clouds and the famous constellation namend Southern Cross. The milky way has so much power that is even is visible when the moon is shining. The moonset looks like a sunset a bit, because there are some small clouds hiding it. When the moon disappeared, the milky way arouses it's whole spectrum of colors and shows all it's beauty. The center of our galaxy slowly lays down above the famous rock, until the milky way finally sets down and lets the Magellanic Clouds rule the field. First, the Small Magellanic Cloud floats into the video, until the Large Magellanic Cloud follows soon. Bevore the sun rises again, there are some clouds passing. This is a nice oppurtunity to notice that there is really no light pollution at all in the australian outback: The clouds are black, because normally when there are even only some artifical light sources, the clouds are enlightend from the bottom so strongly, that they turn red or orange.

The Uluru (or Ayers rock) unfortunately is quite far away from my place of capture (about 22km). The reason for this is, that I did not get a permit for staying a night in the Uluru National Park.

More Information

Place of capture: Australia, Northern Territory, Outback (25°13'14.20S, 131°13'42.10E)
Point of the compass: South/West
Date of capture: 09/13/2010
Capture length and time: 14:00 hours, 06:00pm-08:00am
Number of pictures taken: 2204

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